• Families

    Professional portraits by Terry can tell the story of your family throughout the years. These family portraits are especially important as new additions to the family are welcomed and when family members come home for a visit.

  • Babies

    Babies grow up so fast, and we know how vital it is to capture those first precious months and years with quality baby pictures from Terry. She specializes in newborn photography and baby photos that capture your little one’s special personality.

  • Business

    Our business photography is important for all of your advertisment needs as well as your needs on your website and social media. Terry will come to your office or place of business and take photographs using her compositional expertise.

  • Photo Booth Fun

    Children and adults alike have fun with props, hats and dress up accessories. Terry can bring one of her several photo booths to weddings, birthdays or other events. Photo booths are a very fun addition to almost any occasion.

  • Religious Events

    When photographing religious events; exercise discretion and always show respect. you have to use diplomacy and always defer to the spiritual nature of the subjects or activities.

  • Adolescent Events

    Terry's memory-making services can cover all your events and special occasions. Her photographic equipment can capture an image in all kinds of lighting conditions.

  • Recital Events

    Photography is about capturing a moment in time while expressing feeling and/or thought and preserving it forever. We look for the mystery and drama created in just one moment.

  • Baby Events

    Terry brings people the joy of lasting memories through photographs of special occasions such as christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduation parties and more.

  • Action

    Catching the moment in action sports involves a quick eye and a keen understanding of light limitations. A very fast shutter speed must be used to capture a second in time.

  • Portraits

    What matters in portrait photography is the photographer's perspective. Good photography is not just a matter of camera equipment. The photographer must have an eye for the subject.

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